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- Video for everyone who loves intellectual leisure.
- Movies not available in online cinemas.
- Meetings and discussions.

About us
Art Collecting has been working in e-commerce since 2016. We were among the first in Russia to launch online galleries and auctions. Since 2017, we have been working at online conferences and promoting IT products. In 2021, we decided to launch our own online cinema in order to provide an opportunity to reach our audience as many partners as possible, and to focus on building a CPA network that will allow us to promote video content most effectively. Art Collecting TV is a startup for connoisseurs of intellectual leisure.
20000+ subscribers
Get information about the premiere screening of your film or lecture on Art Collecting TV.
800k+ users
It will be covered during advertising and PR-campaigns of important film premieres on Art Collecting TV.
500+ guests
We will be waiting for every closed premiere screening on Art Collecting TV.
150+ partners
Media and opinion leaders are ready to publish announcements of important premieres in their accounts.
What content we work with
We produce our own edutainment content and support producers who are ready to offer our audiences impressive, deep films that are not available in popular online cinemas and interesting educational programs. We stake on intellectual leisure.
Fiction cinema
Films presented at international film festivals and awarded the attention of world-renowned critics, as well as proposed by our experts.
Documentary film
Films about art, science, technology that are interesting to watch for users of all skill levels. The heroes are scientists and artists of world renown.
We support conference organizers who work with the topics it, blockchain, art, technology.
Public talks and discussions
Reflections of directors, actors, painters, publishers, scientists about vital events and phenomena.
University lecturers, curators of museums, well-known entrepreneurs share their experience with a wide audience.
Master classes
Content producers are taught to draw and work in graphic editors, program and work with databases ...
Theatrical readings
Fragments of plays that you will not see in theaters. Fragments of books that you will not have time to read due to busy work.
Theatrical performances
Comedies, tragedies, farces - long forgotten, but worthy of attention. A new interpretation of the classics during isolation.
Our advantages
High quality
Our audience is users with higher education, many have pHd. We strive to select content that meets their intellectual needs.
Instant payments
All content producers get paid instantly for every subscription sold. We work with systems that carry out split payments.
Expert support
Art critics, film critics, magazine editors, scientists, it-entrepreneurs have expressed interest in our project and willingness to support it.
Advertising and PR support
We co-finance the advertising of each project, which is presented on Art Collecting TV, and also attract media partners and sponsors of shows.
Premiere screenings
The future success of a film project largely depends on the success of the premiere screening. On Art Collecting TV, premiere screenings with inviting stars are held online.
VR/AR/XR/MR content
We partner with IT entrepreneurs and video game manufacturers. In addition to film and educational content, Art Collecting TV will also feature games in VR / AR / XR / MR.
For copyright holders
We invite content producers to cooperate. Post your video on our platform, earn up to 2,500,000 rubles a month! It's easy to start cooperation with us!
Fill out the application
And tell us about your company. Submit information about the videos you want to post. Please note that any content is subject to expert selection.
Read the terms of the contract
We work with all copyright holders strictly under contracts: agency, regulating the rights of Art Collecting TV to receive a percentage of subscriptions, and the provision of services. We do not buy out licenses.
Choose a premiere date
Advertising and PR-campaigns on Art Collecting TV start with premieres, to which stars and opinion leaders are invited. Premiere preparation time - up to 3 months.
Connect to the payment system
We work with payment services that perform split payments. Connect with anyone to instantly receive payments for each subscription to your bank account.
Connect to EDI
We work with individual entrepreneurs and legal entities through electronic document management systems. Connect to anyone!
Sign a contract with us
All contracts are concluded through EDI systems. We will send you a contract. You will need to sign your email to get started.
Get access to your personal account
Each copyright holder has his own personal account on Art Collecting TV for tracking subscription requests and editing announcements. We are glad to offer you a convenient infrastructure.
Post your video
You can use our cloud video storage or link to your own, so that we open access to the recordings to users who have paid for the subscription.
Referral programs
We have a module that makes it possible to connect partners to your page, create promotional codes and promotional links for them. Partners can be recruited through Art Collecting TV.
For partners
Recommend your Art Collecting TV subscription to your clients and get rewarded for every active subscriber! Anyone who has a wide audience of subscribers can act as our partners.
Opinion leaders
If you are promoting your own social media accounts and have already attracted over 10,000 subscribers, then you can definitely benefit from our affiliate program! Join us!
If you are writing about art, science or technology, you can monetize your content by simply placing Art Collecting TV widgets under articles that are similar in topic to our content.
Universities and training centers
Recommend our video content to your students, make e-mail newsletters with our promotional codes on your subscriber base, get 1500 USD per month for attracted users!
Agency networks
Let's join your affiliate program and offer special discounts for your clients. Develop loyalty programs with Art Collecting TV!
We work for the result. We give guarantees on the number of views.
We work on the CPM system. We offer a wide range of formats.
Sponsorship of premiere shows
The premiere screenings, which will be held online, will gather more than 1000 viewers, including movie stars, business stars, and the art market.
Image advertising
Place ads on the pages of lecture programs, increase your brand loyalty! Support edutainment projects!
Native advertising
Post video content about your brand as an advertisement. Users looking for films and lectures will see your preview.
Banner advertising
We show your banner on the website pages, you pay for every 1000 views. The number of banner views is agreed.
Ad networks
We declare you as a sponsor of displays in contextual and contextual media advertising in search engines. We report for impressions.
Influence marketing
We mention your brand as a sponsor of impressions in posts made by opinion leaders - partners of Art Collecting TV.
CPA networks
We will integrate your brand into ad impressions in CPA networks, where we will post announcements of premiere impressions.
E-mail newsletters
We place the advertiser's banner in e-mail newsletters, which are carried out according to the Art Collecting TV subscriber base.
Social networks
We mention your brand as a sponsor of impressions on our own social networks and on the social networks of content producers.
что такое
The abbreviation CPA stands for Cost Per Action. In CPA systems, such an action is placing an order. You connect to an affiliate network and pay partners a fixed amount or percentage from each order that came from their sites. CPA systems allow you to save on advertising. We select our pool of partners for each order. Platforms are connected to our CPA system - from marketplaces to online stores, from blogs to video streams - with traffic from 1000 people per day. This is the minimum required to work with a CPA system without a monthly fee.

Art Collecting
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