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RubiX Set to Hold NFT Art Auctions Full of “World’s Firsts”

RubiX Network Inc, announces a pair of NFT auctions that will feature several technology advancements that have never been done in NFT auctions.

The auctions will feature several world’s first achievements in NFT technology, including:

Largest NFT Sold To-Date: The Funnybean NFT collage is sized at over 432M bytes, setting the record as the largest NFT to be sold to-date, breaking the previous record by 135%. Unlike previous NFTs like that of Beeple, RubiX is the first-to-market with an NFT that maintains the highest quality of resolution within the images.

On-chain NFTs: The digital assets used for a RubiX NFT are stored on the RubiX blockchain, not on a centralized server. This means ownership of the digital asset can’t be accessed by other parties and satisfies the condition of true ownership of the asset. In off-chain NFTs, the owner simply has a certificate of the digital asset.

Digital ID for NFT: NFT ownership is backed by RubiX’s proprietary patented technology and is associated with the user’s Passwordless Digital Identity allowing NFT access using biometric authentication and preventing the loss of keys.

HiDE (High Density Embedding) Technology: RubiX is incorporating proprietary HiDE Technology by Hi Density Image Embedding to make forgery of the digital asset impossible, so buyers can be sure that their digital asset can’t be copied.

Physically-Backed NFT: The RubiX auction of works by artist Kanthraj N will be the world’s first auction featuring both original artwork and a corresponding digital asset. Ownership will be transferred from the artist’s DID to the high bidder’s DID.

NFT Digital Rights Management (DRM): Every NFT on the RubiX blockchain is enabled with the DRM (Digital Rights Management Keys), meaning the owner of the NFT is able to sell, rent or license the NFT for monetization.

Zero Carbon Emission NFTs: RubiX is also the most sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain in the market today. It is the first and only technology to require zero carbon emissions for the creation, transfer and mining of NFTs. Unlike other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin, RubiX does not require high energy consumption for Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) mining, instead leveraging a sustainable Proof of Harvest (PoH) Consensus Mechanism that leaves a zero carbon footprint.

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