Jan, 2016: Founder of marketplace ArtCollecting.Info
Sep, 2021: Founder & CEO of NFT dApp ArtCollecting.Space
Dec, 2021: Internet Marketing advisor Росбанк L'Hermitage Private Banking
2014 - 2015: Head of Marketing & PR Art de Vivre (Kover.Ru)
2012 - 2014: Editor Афиша Mail.Ru (2 200 000 users per day)
2011 - 2012: PR-manager in Ovcharenko
2007 - 2014: freelance author Harper's Bazaar, Harper's Bazaar Art, Metro newspaper.

Special skills and sources
Anti-crisis strategies
Increased the employer's profit after the collapse of the ruble in 2015 by 40%; profit of your own organization after the coronacrisis in 2021 - by 1500% (by attracting new customers from the pharmaceutical business and the banking sector).
Strong Internet-marketing skills
Management of marketing budgets: from 20,000 to 200,000 per month. Managing campaigns reaching 5,000,000+ people. Community management from 3000 people.
Guerrilla Marketing & Unit Economy
I have my own business that I started back in 2016 with no marketing budget. I have never received government grants or subsidies. The successful operation of my business is the result of commercial activity.
History education + technical background
I studied art history in high school. After starting her entrepreneurial activity, she took a large number of advanced training courses: web programming, accounting, law, blockchain development.
Ability to work with partners and contractors
In the difficult conditions of the war in which we now find ourselves, not a single partner of my company violated the terms of the contract and did not seize my funds, despite the fact that I have Russian citizenship. We support each other.
Ability to work under stressful and pressured conditions
As a leader, I am able to create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect in the team and in the community that belong to my company. My team is focused on work and achieving high results.
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