Create your own collection of generative art and release NFTs
Generative art is created by a team of illustrator, programmer, product developer. Authors of successful collections of generative art earn from $1,000,000.
Draw characters for the generative art collection, prepare character attributes in .psd format for the programmer.
Will write code to generate a collection based on drawings and attributes from an illustrator, generate more than 5,000 images.
Product developer
Formulate an idea, develop and launch a marketing strategy, release an NFT without a platform commission, promote Tg and Discord.
Brief for creating a collection of generative art
Please send an application and we will contact you to discuss all the details of creating and tokenizing a collection of generative art.
Do you have experience selling NFTs?
Do you have experience in the cryptosphere?
Your advertising budget
It's totally free
For whom
Our offer will suit you if your business is aimed at working with the community
Night clubs
You constantly hold concerts and shows, you have your own party, but it needs to be expanded and sales increased. NFT will become a fashionable alternative to club cards and loyalty programs.
Game developers
You will be able to expand the fan club and community of users of your game application in Telegram and Discord. Users will get earning opportunities, and you will get additional income.
You have an opportunity to release a collection of generative art for your fans, and transfer the fan club to Tg and Discord. NFT will bring more revenue than merch. New source of income!
The release of a collection of generative art and its subsequent tokenization is one of the ways to attract investment in the project. Crowdinvesting with the use of crypto assets - instead of ICO.
If you organize showa or business events, you can form a community in Telegram and Discord, give NFTs to guests and speakers and offer loyalty programs to regular guests.
The NFT release is a new way to monetize the audience you've already built. Earn on it by launching new useful projects. NFT will replace the club card and unite your subscribers.
About the group of companies
Art Collecting has been operating on the art market since 2016 in Russia, and since 2021 in the EU. A distinctive feature of our team is experts with higher and postgraduate education in the field of art obtained from leading universities in Russia and abroad, many years of experience in the art business, and IT expertise. We have all the necessary resources to provide services at the highest level.
Platform for the purchase and sale of works of art.
Decentralized NFT application on the Tezos blockchain.
ArtCollecting TV
Online lectures by world-famous experts on art.
ArtCollecting Tg
Closed group for DeFi professionals and NFT collectors.
Our advantages
The portfolio includes more than 100 projects with the participation of leading crypto investors.
Own NFT platform
Powered by the Tezos blockchain. A release on Ethereum is being prepared. We are NFT business insiders.
Our team consists of proven professionals with experience in the promotion of cryptoassets.
With us, you can agree on mutually beneficial terms that will exclude the commission for issuing NFTs.
Networking and community management
We have all the necessary resources to quickly launch and promote the community.
We advise and train everyone who is just starting their journey in the NFT business.бизнесе.
Art Collecting
Tg @marinajunad
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